Frequently Asked Questions

What can I find on your sites?

Purity! Our community includes: autos, housing, images, jobs, financial info, loans, news, reviews, shopping, tickets, videos, blogs, love and much more. Tell us about your purelyIdea!

How are your posts generated?

We like to say that our posts are generated “in-house”, meaning they are produced exclusively by our users for our users. Purely does not and will not pull listings from other web sources.

What can a Purely user do?

In a nutshell, a lot! We believe that our community should be able to access, process and disseminate information quickly, easily and efficiently. We won’t encumber your search experience with irrelevant information, advertisements and content. Users can search, post, stay in the know and pretty much everything else. Remember, we’re just getting started so there are many more cool things to come. Purely is about empowering our community, and we promise to hold up our end of the bargain.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! It costs absolutely nothing to search, post or peruse through our sites.

How do you rank search results?

Results are ranked solely by relevance.

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for the right people to put in the right seats on the bus. In other words, we’re always on the lookout for great people. A quote from one of our favorite business thinkers:

“Those who build great companies understand that the ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not markets, or technology, or competition, or products. It is one thing above all others: the ability to get and keep enough of the right people.” Jim Collins

If you think you’re the “right” person, send us your resume.

How can I advertise with Purely?

We’ll be the first to tell you that we’re extremely selective as to who we let advertise with us. Purely is not in business to maximize ad revenue. We’re in the people business. We’re in business for our community. So it’s important for our partners’ values to be closely aligned with ours.

It’s imperative for us to remain true to what we believe in – purity. If you think you’re a good fit, let us know. But we must warn you, our advertising selection process is as thorough as our hiring process.

How can I invest in Purely?

See above. If you think we’re picky about advertising partners you’re right, but we’re even more selective about our strategic investment partners. It is critical that all of our partners are closely aligned with not only the Purely Inc vision but the Purely Community as well. If you’re still interested please visit this page.

Who is behind Purely?

The company was founded by Matt Glover and Cameron Sinclair and backed by a great team of intellectuals dedicated to making a difference and enhancing lives.